Sep 10, 2006

Enhancements: New Member Profile Page and More…

We just wrapped up a number of improvements to MailChimp. Most of it was back end server stuff that’s just too nerdy to mention, but here are some of the items that you might notice…

1. Membership Status
Memberprofile_1We recently added the ability to let you search for a member, and edit a member’s profile (such as email format, email address, etc). This weekend, we added "Membership Status" to each profile page. So if a member calls you up on the phone, and asks, "Howcum I’m not getting my emails anymore???" you can search for their email address, and we’ll tell you if the recipient hard bounced, reported you for abuse, or soft bounced too many times in a row (all of which would result in their email being unsubscribed from your list).

2. Improved abuse tracking IDs in headers
All email campaigns sent from MailChimp are embedded with a little string of code in the header. That code in your campaign’s header helps tech-savvy recipients quickly identify that the email was sent from our server, and it lets them report abuse directly to our abuse desk staff. Previously, it only sent a message to our staff. Now, it’s also wired directly into your account, so that the recipient is automatically unsubscribed from your list (just like our feedback loop system).  We still investigate all abuse reports, but this will help get recipients removed the instant they complain.


3. Changed soft bounce cleaning rules
A lot of us in the email service industry clean soft bounces after the "third strike." But that can be pretty harsh for people who send daily email alerts. You could have members of your list on vacation for 3 days, so their "I’m away" autoreplies would get them unsubscribed by mistake.

Our customers who send very frequent emails start to see their lists shrink, especially around this time in the summer. So we upped our soft bounce cleaner to 5 strikes, instead. We think that’s a good balance to prevent unwanted unsubscribes, and to also keep inactive accounts off your list.