Jun 3, 2015

Empower Your Small Business (and Save Money) With MailChimp Experts

We love supporting our small business users and empowering them to succeed. Sometimes it’s as easy as cheering from the sidelines. Other times, folks need a little more help. So back in 2010 we launched the Expert Discount Program.

How does it work? Simple: If you need help with account setup, template design, testing, email marketing strategy, or implementing our API, we’ll connect you with someone who can provide that help. And we’ll even cut you a deal (3 free months of MailChimp!) for stepping up your game.

Our Experts have been doing great work over the past 5 years, and today I’d like to show off a few of them while sharing some practical tips you can use to improve your own email marketing.

A simpler, smarter redesign

Nalco Champion uses their expertise in chemistry and engineering to help energy companies be as efficient, safe, and sustainable as possible. They’re no strangers to complexity, but they wanted to take a simpler approach to managing their email marketing. When they approached us, their program was stretched across multiple ESPs, dozens of account managers, and several lists and segments. They needed a complete program overhaul, and our Experts at Lucky Red Pixel were more than happy to help out.

For starters, Lucky Red Pixel consolidated all of Nalco Champion’s email marketing into a single MailChimp account and set it up so that each account manager can access that account with their own login. Then they ran the Nalco Champion team through some specialized MailChimp training that covered topics like advanced tools and features, making adjustments to custom designs with the campaign builder, and best practices. And they created a suite of flexible email templates and incorporated more opportunities for subscribers to engage with the content.

The result was a smarter Nalco Champion email marketing strategy, plus a pretty impressive redesign. Here’s a before (April 1) and after (June 1):


An automated course—with added benefits

MailChimp Experts can help with a complete overhaul of your email marketing, but they’re equally adept at tackling more narrowly focused projects. For 15 years, BootsnAll Travel‘s extensive library of travel resources has helped globetrotters explore the world. When they wanted to offer their community an easy way to learn about planning long and expensive trips, Portland-based MailChimp Expert Early Bird Strategy found a way through a 30-day automation course.


The course delivered daily doses of travel information, checklists, and spreadsheets, guiding BootsnAll members through the site’s vast resources without overwhelming them. The course’s first run even helped develop several finely tuned lead generation pipelines for the site’s paid products, too.

Engagement-boosting experimentation

Headliners Music Hall knows how to party—they’ve kept their fellow Louisvillians rocking to musical acts like Kings of Leon, Calexico, and Ice Cube for years. But when they wanted to increase ticket sales through email, they turned to MailChimp Experts, Rockhouse Partners.

To figure out optimal send times to boost sales, Rockhouse developed an experiment. First, they divided Headliners Music Hall’s list of subscribers into 3 groups. Then, over a period of 6 weeks, Rockhouse sent campaigns to each of the 3 groups at different times of day. Here’s how they broke it down:


They learned that subscribers were most engaged with campaigns sent at night even though ticket sales weren’t the best during this time. Meanwhile, afternoon recipients were doing all the purchasing. Using their findings, Rockhouse helped Headliners identify and act on patterns in their subscribers’ behavior, ultimately leading to a 30% increase in average open rates and an 80% increase in average click rates.

So, what about you? Does your small business have an email marketing goal, challenge, or dream you could use a little help with? Visit the MailChimp Experts Directory to get started today.