Nov 14, 2008

Embed Email Archives On Your Website

MailChimp users: you can build a "newsletter archive" page on your website that gets automatically updated whenever you send a new email marketing campaign. It’s called the "Campaign Archive Folder" and it’s totally free with every MailChimp account. All you have to do is add a little snippet of code to your web page.

Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how to do it.

Once you have a page that links to all your archived newsletters, you should place a link to this archive page in your welcome emails. That way, new subscribers can always see your most recent campaigns. You might also want to place a link to your archive right on your signup form, so people can "see past issues" before they decide to signup.

Speaking of campaign archives, we just enhanced them in two ways:

Update: MailChimp Facebook integrations are now available with our freemium package. You can use your MailChimp list to create Facebook ads, and it’s really easy.