Jan 24, 2006

Email Subscriber Lists are Very Delicate Things.

Nick Usborne of Excess Voice runs a great newsletter for those in the copywriting business (and if you send email newsletters to your customers, congratulations: you’re in the copywriting business). His latest article, "Email Subscriber Lists are Very Delicate Things, makes a really good point:

"It is understood by your readers that you will sometimes have something you would like to sell them. It’s OK. But you have to achieve a balance. You have to give more than you ask for. Your readers have to feel that they have come out on top in some way."

We’ve always said, "If you’ve got nothing to say, don’t send it." Don’t resolve to send monthly or weekly email newsletters unless you’ve got something truly useful to share with your list each and every time. That’s one reason we believe so strongly in our pay-per-email pricing. It works great when you want to just send quarterly emails. Or if you want to skip a month, because you just don’t have anything worth saying this month. Your list didn’t subscribe to your newsletter just because they want to hear from you. They want to gain something from it. Before you hit send, ask yourself, "Are they gaining anything from this?"