Aug 12, 2010

Email Showcase – Scoutmob’s San Francisco Launch

Here’s a little-known fact about me:

When I first started playing with a band, I referred to John Stamos as our patron saint. I had a shirt made up with a portrait of The Stame on it that said, "Have Mercy" and jokingly made my bandmates invoke him before shows.

That "little quirk"  may have something to do with how awesome I think this email from Scoutmob is, but I’m pretty sure I’d like it even without my unhealthy relationship to Full House.  Their campaign is a great example of a fun way to get your subscribers excited about a launch.


I mean, just check out that cool, mustachioed header (which highlights the launch date) and all the links to their social networks!   Also, notice how they are targeting this email to their current subscribers on the East Coast — Scoutmobsters are highly social creatures, so this campaign encourages them to do what they do best and spread the word.   There’s also a link at the bottom of the page that takes folks straight to a custom San Francisco sign-up page.


With launch campaign skills like this,  I have no doubt they’ll have a whole bunch of West Coast subscribers in no time.