Sep 27, 2006

Email Open Rates for Nonprofits Declining?

Summary of an email marketing study over at DEIdea Lounge. In a nutshell, they found:

M & R looked at data from 15 national nonprofit groups and found
that the average open rate fell by 6% on average from 32% in 2003-2004
to 26% in 2004-2005.

Recommendations from the author:

  1. Focus a little more on clickthroughs and conversions.
  2. Look at open rates comparatively (from campaign to campaign).
  3. Dig into your data to find your most loyal users

One thing about the study: they say it’s a flaw that some email marketing tools can’t measure opens in plain-text emails (because tracking images can’t be embedded), or in HTML emails (since images are turned off by default in email programs). They recommend tracking an "open" if someone clicks any link in the email. FYI, MailChimp already does that for you.