Feb 13, 2006

Email Newsletter Extreme Chimp-over

We just posted 3 HTML email templates that we’re giving away for free over at the MailChimp website. They’re for "design-it-yourselfers" who could theoretically design and code their own HTML emails, but they just need a little jumpstart with layout and coding. What’s really nice is we already tested them in all the major email applications for you (AOL, Lotus, Outlook, etc).

Chimp My Email!
In the spirit of all those home makeover shows (and, of course, "Pimp My Ride"), we’re looking for about 5-10 MailChimp users who think their email newsletters could use a little "freshening up." Our team of super-talented, highly-caffeinated web designers will take one of the 3 templates and convert it to match your company’s branding and personality. Then we’ll give you all the code and image files, so you can replace your old template. Plus, we’ll showcase your business (and new email design) on the MailChimp website. We’re not saying you’ll cry on camera, or jump up and down screaming in excitement when it’s all over, but your email templates are going to look very professional. If you’re interested, contact us here.