Feb 12, 2008

Email Marketing Report Card: Delight.com

delight.gifI just wrapped up another Email Marketing Report Card for Practical eCommerce magazine. This time, I reviewed an email newsletter from Delight.com, which is kind of like woot.com, except less for nerds and more for the ladies.

There were two cool email newsletter ideas that I didn’t really get a chance to highlight in the article (darn 800 word limits), so I’ll post them here on the blog…

Hackersafe logo in email header:

We’ve recommended the HackerSafe logo in the past. Yeah, hackers and computer nerds out there are rolling their eyes right now, because you can’t be 100% hacker safe. But if you subcribe to the service, they crawl your entire website everyday, and look for obvious vulnerabilities. I’m not a programmer, but I know just enough to be dangerous. There have been times when I’ve secretly uploaded prototype web pages with my own hacked-together web forms, and their system sent a warning to our engineers. So think of it as protecting the website from your own hacking. Anyway, we conducted A/B tests that showed the HackerSafe badge can increase signups 15%. So why not go ahead and make it part of your email header?


While we’re on the topic of badges in headers, here’s an idea for using Linkedin.

Quote of the Day for Email Newsletters:

One nice little touch in Delight.com’s email newsletter was their quote of the day in the side column:


You might think it’s really hard to come up with famous quotes on a very regular basis. Not so. Just Google it. If you’re an accountant, Google "famous quotes about taxes" every time you create a newsletter. Same goes for lawyers, designers, photographers, etc. Or, just go to wesites like brainyquote.

So there you go—two little tips for your email newsletter. If you’d like your email newsletter reviewed in Practical eCommerce, just send an email to emailmarketing [at] practicalecommerce.com.