Jul 30, 2008

Email Marketing Benchmarks – Stats by business size, stats by industry

email-stats-by-company-size.pngI casually mentioned to our lead engineer that it would be cool if we could take all these hundreds of millions of emails we’ve delivered, analyzed their stats (like open rate, clicks, bounces, abuse complaints, unsubscribes, etc) and come up with a chart of some sort that compared email marketing stats by business size.

Turns out he was looking for any excuse to play with Google’s new Visualization API, so he jumped at the chance. Funny how stuff turns out that way…

So we give you our latest installment of Chimp Charts (oh yeah, we’re launching something called Chimp Charts, where we publish email marketing stats to the public):

Email Marketing Benchmarks by Business Size

From what I hear, the Google Visualization charts are pretty easy to generate, because it’s mostly JavaScript. Also, the table columns are click-to-sortable.

Looking at the data, it seems like companies in MailChimp who have 50+ employees (the "big companies") seem to do a couple percentage points better than the others in terms of opens and clicks. Why? I have no idea. I do know they tend to have much, much larger lists, they tend to send a lot more frequently, and they tend to setup more separate lists than others.

Ken Magill just reported about another chimp chart we recently launched, where we sort stats by industry type:

Email Marketing Benchmarks by Industry

In fact, these very stats are being pulled into our users’ email marketing reports, so they can compare their results to their peers (screenshot).