Jan 31, 2011

Email Jitsu Workshop

I always enjoy seeing how other designers solve problems, so I’m a big fan of .net Magazine’s regular "build-off" feature. In each build-off, the magazine provides the same creative brief to 3 designers, asks them to come up with a design and then explain the decisions they made. Having learned a lot from these features in the past, I was excited when .net invited me to participate in their latest build-off; even more so when they let me know the topic was workshop websites.

Being a self-proclaimed conference junkie and co-organizer of ConvergeSE, I had more than a few ideas on what would make a good workshop event site. Using our hilariously informative Email Jitsu guide as my inspiration and topic, I designed a goofy, single-page site for a fictional Email Jitsu Workshop.

Before I even knew the article was published, a Twitter user had already expressed interest in actually attending. So that got me thinking, would you be interested in attending an Email Jitsu Workshop? If so, please let us know in the comments. If not, I hope you’ll at least check out the article on page 95 of the February edition (#211) of .net Magazine. While you’re thumbing through the issue, don’t miss Aarron Walter’s opinion piece about Emotional Interface Design as well on page 71.