May 24, 2013

Email-for-Download Integration with CASH Music

One of the most common questions we hear from MailChimp users is, "How can I attract more subscribers to my email list?" Musicians are no different.  MailChimp already offers several ways for musical artists to grow their email lists. A couple examples: our Chimpadeedoo app gives musicians a hassle-free way to sign up fans at their shows, and our Facebook integration allows social-media followers to easily become email list subscribers.

And now, thanks to our recent integration with CASH Music, a nonprofit, open-source tool for musicians, we have another. By integrating your MailChimp list with a CASH account, you can seamlessly deliver fans a download of your choosing (song, EP, video, etc.) whenever they sign up for your MailChimp list. Think of it as a "thank you" to your fans for permission to visit their inboxes when you have a new album announcement or concert.

At this point, you might be wondering why you should make an extra effort when you can just attach an MP3 to a campaign or use MailChimp’s autoresponder feature to deliver a song after a new subscriber signs up. Well, for starters, attachments aren’t permitted in MailChimp campaigns for a host of reasons that ensure your email makes it safely to your intended recipients. And while our autoresponders could deliver a hosted download linked in the campaign, there are a few problems with that method. First, the link in the autoresponders won’t be unique, so a fan could forward that email and link as many times as she likes. And while our autoresponders can deliver a particular email after a triggered action within the hour, there’s no way to deliver that email instantaneously. By using our CASH Music integration, you can deliver a song or other media file to a specific email address through a unique URL immediately after that person signs up for your  MailChimp list, alleviating the need for attachments or autoresponders altogether.

With the help of CASH’s simple mode, available in the public beta of their hosted version, if you’ve got a MailChimp account and five minutes to spare, you can set up your own email-for-download campaign. CASH isn’t just for musicians, either. The platform works well with all types of media. If you’re an author or filmmaker, CASH’s email-for-download feature could be a good tool to use in tandem with MailChimp. Sign up for a free CASH account here, and if you need a little help, check out the video tutorial below.  Looking for more ways MailChimp can help musicians? Check out the MailChimp for Music guide.