Mar 10, 2014

Email Designer Changes, Template Updates, and More in v9.0

In MailChimp’s v9.0 release, we’ve made some changes to the way you create campaigns. These changes should make the process faster and more efficient.

Drag and drop designer for everyone

In November 2012 we launched a new way to build campaigns in MailChimp. This drag and drop designer, codenamed Neapolitan, let people build great-looking, mobile-friendly emails without touching a single line of code. Because it was such a huge change from our previous tool, we decided to leave our old campaign designer around for some folks. But now that a few months have passed, and we’re seeing more and more people switching to the new designer, we think it’s finally time for everyone to start using it.

The new template selection page


Code your own templates

Before we entered the golden days of drag and drop, our "code your own" templates had editable regions you could customize with your content. You might remember that in order to edit those templates, you had to use our old campaign editor. With this release, we’ve finally transitioned to editing custom-coded templates in the new email designer.

Because these classic templates are built differently from our mobile-friendly drag and drop templates, you won’t be able to shuffle content and move things around the same way. You can still edit your templates just as you did before, except now you’ll be in a more efficient side-by-side layout, and get all the collaboration and real-time editing features that the email designer folks have come to know and love. (More on those new features in a minute.)


For those of you who haven’t experienced the email designer, we’ve been building some collaboration features to help you with the process of editing and sending emails. With comments, your coworkers or clients can send you feedback about your campaigns, and you can keep track of tasks from inside the designer.

We’ve learned that many of our customers have teams that work together while creating campaigns. The email designer allows team members to work together simultaneously. Coworkers can watch each other edit copy and make design changes in real-time—no refresh needed.

Editing a classic campaign with the Email Designer


We’ve been hard at work recoding our most popular themes (previously known as Predesigned templates), so you can use the email designer to drag and drop your content. Below each theme, you can see if it’s been recoded to support drag and drop. If your favorite theme hasn’t been converted yet, have no fear! We’re working on making them all compatible with the email designer.


Saved templates

Ever since we released the new email designer, folks have been pleading with us to be able to save drag and drop templates after sending for reuse. With this release, you can now save any template. When we introduced the new designer, we opted for the more social-sounding "my favorites" approach. That was confusing for people, so we’ve switched to the more conventional-sounding Saved Templates. Since you can now save drag and drop templates, we’ve migrated your old "favorite" campaigns into Saved Templates as well.

Let us know what you think

We’ve been working hard to make MailChimp’s email designer the easiest and most efficient way to create an email campaign. Now, everyone building an email in MailChimp can take advantage of it. As always, we’d love to read your feedback.