Oct 22, 2009

Email Design Showcase – Metal Clay Guru

From time to time, we like to showcase a MailChimp customer’s email campaign. I just came across this email from Metal Clay Guru, and wanted to point out some nice things about their design…


  1. They’ve turned on MailChimp’s free Archive Toolbar, which is a handy option that lets recipients view past issues, subscribe to the list, and autotranslate. If you don’t have it turned on for your lists, you should really consider it.
  2. Nice use of rounded corners, and making the guru’s head poke above the header is a nice design trick to keep the email from looking too boxy.
  3. Smart to include twitter and facebook sharing options (a trend that’s on the rise), and this is the first time I’ve seen an RSS option in an email campaign. Nice. We’re also seeing interesting uses of flickr in email campaigns recently.
  4. Normally, I see people putting our social sharing links in their footer. This is the first time I’ve noticed it in a side column, and it actually tiles quite nicely there. Here’s how you can customize the social share icons you want to display in your own emails. BTW, how many times have you written a bunch of content, then wanted to "balance out" the side column? Sometimes I’ll insert a "quote of the day" but using an illustration is a nice idea too.
  5. At the bottom of their email, there’s a link to view past issues of their newsletter. This is great for recent subscribers, or for subscribers who might’ve missed a previous email. You can do this automatically with MailChimp’s Recent Issues merge tag.