Apr 7, 2010

Email Design Contest

throwdown-photoWe sneak-peeked this last month, but just wanted to post a reminder that our Email Template Design Throwdown is officially live. We’re already getting some awesome entries (some from other ESPs too, which is all cool).

If you know someone who can design and code HTML emails, you should tell them to enter.

Details for the contest…

  1. Design an HTML email template. If you need pointers, download the "Email Jitsu" guide here. (870k PDF)
  2. Code it all out using our special email template language (if you know CSS, you can handle this).
  3. Submit your work to our judges.

The deadline for submissions is April 30th. We’ll notify winners on May 14th.



Gold, silver, and bronze plated wrestling belts from Wildcat Belts. Yep, they’re the real thing. And yes, you’d look totally awesome in one of these things, and people would definitely fear you. Oh, and $600.

[Update: Getting a few questions, so posting an FAQ]

Frequently Tweeted Questions:

Is there any particular theme, or design brief, that MailChimp wants us to follow?

Nope. Just create an email template that you think others could use. It could be for a basic newsletter, or for a holiday, or coupons, or something specific to a particular industry, like musicians, bloggers, loggers, or cat wranglers (yeah, make up an industry — we don’t care).

What happens to the templates? Do they go into MailChimp’s template directory for anybody to use?

Yes. That’s sort of the point of the contest. You’ll be semi-famous for your design work. So you might want to work your name, or your agency’s name, in the footer or something.