May 3, 2007

Email Deliverability Tips from Microsoft

Microsoft has posted a handy guide for improving your deliverability to Hotmail, Windows Live Mail, and Outlook.

Download the 26-page PDF here.

Interesting stuff about their built-in SmartScreen technology (which just made the news here), used to detect spam and phishing scams. Also, how they use Brightmail (basically a spam filter for spam filters), and they recommend using ReturnPath’s SenderScore service.

They even have some handy tips for designing HTML email for Outlook 2007, like:

  • Keep your designs less than 600 pixels wide
  • Only use inline CSS
  • No background images
  • No JavaScript

And other stuff we’ve always recommended. In fact, all their design suggestions are already included in MailChimp’s built-in templates (just in case you haven’t found a reason to give them a try yet).