Jan 31, 2008

Email Authentication Hits Tipping Point

One-click AuthenticationGot this message from the ESPC.

"The adoption of e-mail and domain authentication has reached its tipping point, exceeding 50% in several key metrics, according to the Authentication and Online Trust Alliance. The report found that 51% of the Fortune 500’s consumer-facing brands, 52% of the Fortune 500’s consumer-facing financial service brands and 54% of the top 300 brands in the Internet retailer segment are all using some form of e-mail authentication."

You can read more about Authentication and how it affects consumer trust over at DMNews.

If you’re a MailChimp customer, you can authenticate all your email campaigns, just like the Fortune 500 brands do. It’ll make your emails look more trustworthy, and it’ll sometimes help you get through corporate email firewalls. And you can do this with one simple click. Here’s how to activate it (it’s free for all MailChimp customers).