Apr 25, 2013

Edit Customer Records from MailChimp Mobile

A lot of our customers use MailChimp as their CRM. We don’t think the world needs yet another CRM (there are already too many good ones), but we do think we can make your customer data easier to access. For example, we’ve redesigned our subscriber profiles to be less about subscription status, and more about customer data. We’ve also started to unify your customer data from outside sources.

Yesterday, we updated MailChimp Mobile (for iOS) to make managing your customer data easier on the go:


Search Across All Lists

A couple of updates ago, you may have noticed that we made it easier to search for customers across all your lists inside MailChimp Mobile. For those who missed it, here’s how that works. When you’re in MailChimp Mobile, go to the "Lists" view:


then tap the search icon (the magnifying glass):


Type in a name or email or keyword (by the way, this is why we totally overhauled our search functionality a while back):


Once you find the customer, tap their email address and we’ll take you to their profile:


Tap the "Edit" button to update any of the fields that you’ve created in that MailChimp list (you can even add/edit notes):


Back in February, when we launched MailChimp v8 with multiple users and permissions, we said we were hard at work on v2 of the MailChimp API. That’s still in the works. When it’s live, it’ll include support for multiple users. That means MailChimp Mobile’s functionality will expand even more, allowing multiple employees to access your customer records and make edits and enter notes (when granted permission).

For all of our Android users, don’t fret–we’re working on updating MailChimp Mobile for Android too. In case you missed it, we released Chimpadeedoo for Android last week.



We’re not sure how this happened, but MailChimp Mobile actually got nominated for a Webby. If any of the +250,000 people who downloaded MailChimp Mobile find the app useful, maybe you could vote us up a little?