Jul 19, 2011

Easy MailChimp list signups with the Canvas WordPress theme from WooThemes

I spent a few days working with the lads at WooThemes getting some MailChimp magic into one of their most popular themes, Canvas.

It turns out that a lot of their customers were asking for an easy way to add a MailChimp signup to their WordPress blogs that looked as great as the themes that WooThemes creates. As always, we’re glad to help!

The Canvas Theme settings has a "Subscribe and Connect" section that allows you to select MailChimp as a subscribe option. It’s super easy to use and doesn’t require hacking up WordPress theme files like some previous MailChimp integrations.

The Canvas admin section where you add your MailChimp details.

WooThemes has said to expect more of their themes to support MailChimp as a newsletter option in the coming future. We are looking forward to it!

Check out the Canvas theme at WooThemes