Apr 21, 2010

2,400 Trees Saved Daily

mailchimp_earthAs you may have noticed from our login screen, April 22 marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. It’s a great opportunity to reflect on the numerous ways we can appreciate our natural environment while working to lessen our impact on it.

Here at MailChimp HQ we do lots of little things year-round to make the world a better place, like recycling soft drink cans, rarely printing out documents and using rechargeable batteries. Sure these actions make an impact over time, especially as MailChimp continues to grow. But these are just simple, common sense things that any eco-conscious human should be doing.

So let’s go back to that growth thing for a minute. During a typical day, MailChimp sends out 20,000,000 emails. Twenty million. And according to our head of deliverability, this is a conservative estimate.

We can all agree that if you’re sending emails, you’re not using paper, right? Right. According to Conservatree, one tree makes 8,333 sheets of typical 20 lb. weight copy paper. If we assume one newsletter sent to one recipient would consume at least one sheet of paper (that’s being very conservative), one tree = 8,333 emails.

20 million emails/day divided by 8,333 = 2,400 trees saved every day! Just by sending email instead of paper-based marketing materials.

"Email is a green choice because it eliminates the use of paper and fossil fuels used in delivery. Our research shows that marketers save 60% to 80% by switching their paper-based marketing programs to email" —Email Insider