Dec 27, 2006

Duct Tape Marketing

One of the blogs I visit every single morning is Duct Tape Marketing. I just love the name. Duct tape is simple, easy, and it just works (hey, that’s our mantra at The Rocket Science Group!).

Anyways, the reason I like their blog so much is it’s always full of quick and simple small business marketing ideas you can use right now. It won MarketingSherpa’s "Best Blog on Small Business Marketing" award for 2006. If you haven’t already, bookmark it.

I’m going to look really stupid for saying this, but I never realized the author of that blog was promoting an upcoming book (duh!). I just went to the blog every morning, read his useful tips, and left. Frankly, I thought the book was already out there, and I somehow missed it. So one day I got an email to the effect of, "Okay, my book’s finally ready, hope you like it." What a nice surprise! See, ignorance really is bliss.

I’ve already pre-ordered my copy. I know if it’s half as useful as the blog, it’ll be worth its weight in gold. And I just read that the author, John Jantsch, used to work with Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth (my all time favorite business book ever, and probably the only reason our business is still going strong after almost 7 years). On top of all this, I just noticed that MailChimp has been featured on the Duct Tape Marketing blog! Too cool.

If you run a small business, you should look into this book. Pre-order now, and you’ll get some really cool add-ons, like audio interviews and e-books:

  • Michael
    , author of the E-Myth Revisited
    discusses "Awakening the Entrepreneur Within"


  • Guy
    , author of Art of the Start
    discusses "The Art of Creating Community"


  • "Millionaire Mind, The Secret
    Psychology of Wealth
    " a 90 minute audio
    featuring T. Harv Eker
    author of NY Times #1 bestseller "Secrets
    of the Millionaire Mind


  • Bob Serling’s
    "10-Minute Marketing Success Interviews" ebook
    – Bob asked 21 leading experts the
    question, "What is your favorite marketing technique
    that’s working really well for you and your clients
    right now?


  • 6 Deadly Marketing
    Mistakes �
    David Frey

    � Marketing Best Practices


  • Free 1 hr conference call for up to
    100 participants from

    Conference Calls Unlimited