Jun 18, 2010

Drop.io Integration

dropio_logoDrop.io is an easy to use, free (up to 100MB) file sharing and online collaboration service that MailChimp now supports for file and image uploads. It’s a versatile and intuitive web app that is both simple and feature-rich.

In just two clicks, users are able to seamlessly create personal sharing points, upload content via web, e-mail, MMS, Facebook, Firefox extension, phone and fax inputs and share it on-the-fly through drop.io’s various outputs like web, e-mail, MMS, Twitter, iTunes, fax and more.

So to get started, just head over to http://drop.io. The site will generate a string of unique characters for your drop’s address, or you can enter a custom name if you’d prefer. Then simply select the specific files or folders you’d like to upload from your computer, and click "Create a drop". Easy Peasy.


Back over to MailChimp. When you’re editing your campaign’s content and are ready to add images or link to files (in step 3 of the campaign builder), click on the little gallery icon in the editor’s toolbar. At the top of the screen, click the little "drop.io files" button.


This will bring up the following dialogue:


Simply fill in your drop’s credentials and click "load drop files". This will open a new dialogue window displaying the contents of your drop, complete with the file name and file size. Select the asset you’d like to add and click import.


This will place the image or file in your gallery, and you can then insert it into your campaign just as you normally would.

One caveat that’s important to note: If you’re importing a non-image file type from drop.io (PDF, mp3, video, etc.), there’s a slightly different workflow. In step 3 of the campaign builder, you’ll need to access your gallery by clicking the "add link" icon inside the editor.


This will bring up a little window where you’ll need to click the large "browse media" button, and that takes you to the gallery view that allows you to see both your Files and Images folders. Any non-image assets will be uploaded and stored in the Files folder.