Nov 16, 2005

Double Opt-in “Thank You Screens”

I’m an opt-in freak. I’ll opt-in to just about anything, just to see what happens (thank goodness for Gmail accounts). I mostly do it for MailChimp research. I’m going to start posting screenshots of things I find here. Maybe you’ll get some ideas for your own email marketing efforts.

First example is New Scientist. I recently stumbled upon their article called, "Meditation Builds the Brain" and saw that these guys have a free newsletter, which uses the double-opt-in method…

When you use the double opt-in method, people submit their email address, then you send them a confirmation email where they must click a link in order to "confirm" their subscription. If the recipient doesn’t click to confirm, they’re not added to the list. This is the way to go nowadays, and it’s the only way MailChimp’s list management tool works.

Your Double-Opt-In Thank You Screen Sets Expectations

Anyways, when someone enters their email address on your website form, you take them to a "Thank You page," and remind them to 1) Check their email inbox, and 2) Click the confirmation link. You might also tell them when to expect the email, who it’ll be from, how to check their spam filters, etc (BTW, MailChimp lets you totally customize the look and feel, HTML, and CSS of your Thank You page).

I thought this was a nice "Thank You" screen from New Scientist’s double opt-in process. They really cover a lot of ground here, but it was all very quick and easy to understand…