Dec 30, 2007

Donation to Chimpanzee Sanctuary

chimp-t-shirt.jpgWe’ve inducted a new member into our MailChimp family. We’re sponsoring a little chimpanzee named "Burritto." He and his friends were used for hepatitis B vaccine testing, and soon they will all be moved to Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest to live a much happier life.

If you’re a chimp fanatic like we are, you can sponsor a chimp too.

Otherwise, you might want to just check out these really cool t-shirts in their store. We bought one for everybody here in the office. I’ve seen similar "98% chimp" t-shirts before, but much prefer 98.76%. It’s nerdier, and has 0.76% more chimp. And as we all know, "more chimp is always better." If you have no idea what any of the 98% stuff means, here’s an explanation.