Nov 7, 2013

DODOcase’s Rapid Growth

DODOcase makes elegant cases, sleeves, and other accessories for iPads, Kindles, and smartphones. These handcrafted products have earned them quite a reputation as they pursue what they call "a happy marriage of tradition and technology."

Since DODOcase started using MailChimp in 2010, they’ve tripled their list size while working tirelessly to make sure their email marketing looks and performs as sharply as their products. This means a whole lot of writing, designing, gathering feedback, iterating, rinsing, repeating:

It’s that quick growth, and how they accomplish it, that might encourage other online sellers to experiment with their email marketing. DODOcase uses traditional channels like social networks, PR, and media outreach to grow their list, but they’re not content to rest on those channels. Instead, they’re always looking for new opportunities, like a recent month-long Facebook giveaway that turned out nicely. "We required email signups to enter the contest," marketing director Macy McGinness explains. "We saw a big increase. Essentially, we got 4,000 emails, and of those 4,000, about half opted out of wanting to receive our newsletter. So, at the end of the day, we received about 2,000 new emails, which we’re happy with."

Even though most of them didn’t win anything, as a consolation prize, they were welcomed to the DODOcase family with a coupon:

Another effective technique they’ve used is exit offers. DODOcase uses an acquisition company called Bounce Exchange to tempt potential customers who are leaving their site. "When new customers come to our site, if they stay on for a certain amount of seconds, as they’re exiting to leave or close out, they’ll get a pop-up asking them for their email address or offering them a coupon for 10% or 20% off," Macy says. "We A/B tested a bunch of offerings. It’s a way for us to keep them engaged. We think it’s been super successful."

Macy says they make around $5,000-$10,000 per email, but would like to be making closer to $20,000 with each campaign. To make that happen, they’re going to investigate segmenting and more targeted emails in the future. "The more people we can talk to, the better position we are in for the holidays, sales, and just traffic to our site in general," she says.

DODOcase now sends to more than 60,000 people twice a month. Keeping up with their new customers has put stress on the team as they dedicate more resources to it, including a part-time community manager and a public relations group that reaches out to both the tech and fashion worlds. It’s a lot to manage, but if the last few years are any indication, Macy and her team are up to the challenge.