Jan 6, 2005

Do-not-mail lists and CAN-SPAM

MarketingSherpa.com has posted some interesting interpretations and explanations of the CAN-SPAM law. The whole "do-not-email list" thing is particularly messy, and we wonder how it’ll all be played out.

"…it’s hellish for many organizations to actually implement Do Not Email. That’s because the opt-out isn’t just for the particular list that sent the mail. The opt-out is for any promotional mail your brand might ever send that email address *from any list or staffer* ever again."

They also said the following: "If you drive through a red light in a small town at 2am, you probably won’t get in trouble. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t breaking the law." I can attest to the fact that you probably will get in trouble for running through a red light at 2am in a small town, and add that if you try to tell the officer he’s crazy, he’ll just get really, really mad, and write you a ticket.

So trust me—check your do-not-email list, and don’t go through any red lights—even if they’re just yellow.