Sep 3, 2010

Customer Spotlight: Netted by the Webbys

Since we were thinking about signup forms earlier this week, here’s one from Netted by the Webbys that recently caught our attention. They’re a MailChimp customer who totally customized their signup process via our API.


Pretty nice, eh?  Notice the social sharing icons right under it, too, so people can encourage others to join the fold. I was curious about the rest of their signup process, and wanted to get their cool daily emails, so I went ahead and signed myself up.


The form leads me to this pop-up confirmation message, which also provides an opportunity for them to learn a little more about me as a subscriber.  I also have the option to leave this page totally blank if I feel like it, but I gave them my info so they can send me more targeted messages.


And we’re done!  Notice how they’ve included another social sharing bar — a great way to spread the word about your newsletter and grow your list naturally.

Have you tried social sharing in your subscribe process yet?

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