Oct 1, 2010

Customer Showcase: LeahAndMark.com

Who said your signup process has to look boring? Certainly not LeahAndMark.com. These photographers have managed to draw new people in further using their signup process.  They’ve taken advantage of the double opt-in process and used each step to show off some of their work.

First, they’ve started with a pretty basic form.
Rather than using a single header image for each step, they’ve kept the form plain and customized every page with a different photo in the body.

Here’s the Thank You page:

Look at those adorable kids!  It gets better from there.

When I check my email for the confirmation link, there’s another fantastic shot:


Clicking the link takes me to the confirmation page and, yep, another photo:


This is a great way for you to showcase your work while getting new subscribers to your list.   This could be a great option for designers, photographers and artists who want to engage subscribers right away and provide them with a more interesting signup process.


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