Aug 9, 2011

Customer Lurvin’

Every day, we have more than 1,000 customers contact us for help with their MailChimp accounts, and our customer service team does an amazing job helping them. We wanted to show off how great our team is, and we figured 37signals’ Customer Support Happiness Report is a perfect model. It’s honest, aspirational and fun. If 37signals ever turns their report into an app, we’ll be the first in line to subscribe. But since they haven’t yet, we decided to go ahead and build our own.

After every support interaction, we ask our customers to complete a simple survey rating their experience. The page simply displays survey results from our 100 most recent customers, and it tallies the percentage of customers that gave us a "Great" score over the last three months. There’s a whole lot of lurve in that department, and we’re happy to find a nice, transparent way to prove how special they are.