Mar 16, 2012

Customer Love: McSweeney’s

Each week, Customer Love offers a quick snapshot of one of MailChimp’s wonderful users.

Who: McSweeney’s

What: A publishing house founded by Dave Eggers

Where: San Francisco

Why we love them: Still going strong after almost 15 years, McSweeney’s initially started as a quarterly literary journal, but has since expanded its wordly empire to include  a daily literature and humor website, a monthly magazine, more than a couple nonprofitsa quarterly DVD magazine, and publications expertly covering sports and food, amongst—somehow?!?—other things. They’ve published countless talented writers both famous and unknown, including the likes of David Foster Wallace and Sarah Vowell, Stephen King and Joyce Carol Oates. They Might Be Giants were once so moved by them that they wrote a song about it. In both word and action, McSweeney’s is wildly inspiring, and their emails are excellently lengthy.

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