Jan 18, 2011

Customer Defragmentation in Progress

Very sorry for the inconvenience everybody, but here’s what’s going on with some of the slowness people are experiencing. We have scripts that try to maintain a nice "balance" of big users vs. small users across our servers (too many big users mixed in with small ones, and the database doesn’t like it). Our balancing scripts normally do a pretty decent job of dealing with this, but one of our shards has experienced a lot more "imbalance" than we’d like (big users who suddenly became small, small users who suddenly became big, and just a boat load of new people signing up on top of all this), so it kinda leaves "holes." If you’ve ever had to defrag a hard drive, it’s exactly like that — except we’re talking about our beloved customers (about 19,000 of you on this particular shard), not underutilized hard drive space. We’re very sorry about this. We’re working hard to make things speedy for you again.