Jan 22, 2009

Create Mobile Email Campaigns Automatically

We just launched a new feature in MailChimp, where we automatically generate a mobile friendly version of your email campaign, and send it to your mobile subscribers.

For example, if your HTML email looks like this:

and one of the subscribers on your list had the "mobile" preference selected when they signed up for your list:

the email they receive would be automatically formatted for their mobile device, like this:

Generally, images are smaller, and content is stacked into a single column.

If you’d like this enabled for your MailChimp campaigns, make sure that your signup forms have this option checked under your list "defaults" setting:

If your signup forms already had this option on, then the feature is retroactively automatic. If you’re using your own code for your signup form (advanced mode) then you’ll need to add a "mobile" option to your code for this to work.

And speaking of mobile email marketing: