Feb 12, 2007

Create Automatic Email Newsletter Archives

You can now create a "Newsletter Archive" or "Past Issues" page on your website, then MailChimp will automatically update it whenever you send your email campaigns (here’s an example).

All you have to do is add a little snippet of code (we call it the "Archive Generator") on one of your web pages, and we’ll publish links to your campaigns for you. No more manual backups of all your campaigns!

The best part about this is you can now add a link to your opt-in welcome emails so that new subscribers can click to read all your past issues…

How does this work? How does MailChimp know which campaigns I want listed? How can MailChimp tell which campaigns were just "test" emails, vs. "real" emails? Don’t worry. We’re not going to link to every single campaign you’ve ever sent. We know a lot of them were tests.

Here’s How It Works:

First, build yourself a page on your website called "Past Issues" or "Archives" or whatever you want. Here’s our example.

Next, create a folder in MailChimp, and put all the campaigns you want listed into that folder. For each folder, we’ll generate a snippet of code to add to your web page.

If you have different clients, or different lists with different newsletter types, no worries. Just keep them in separate folders. In the MailChimp example above, we’re actually using 3 sets of Archive Generator code from 3 separate lists in 3 separate accounts.

If you haven’t used MailChimp folders before, you really should. They keep things nice and tidy. They’re located on the Dashboard when you log in to MailChimp:



Once you’ve got all your campaigns organized into folders, open the folders screen, and  look for the Icon_archive icon next to each folder:


Click on each icon for that folder’s Archive Generator snippet. Copy-paste that snippet onto your web page (you’ll notice some hints about how to tweak that code a little, if you want).

That’s it! From now on, whenever you send a new campaign, we’ll automatically update that list on your web page!

Remember how you can totally customize every step of the double opt-in process for all your MailChimp Lists? Once you’ve got your own "Past Issues" page live and automatically updated, be sure to place a link to that page in all your opt-in welcome messages (under your MailChimp List settings).

Disclaimer: This feature will not work for campaigns created before April 2005.