Jan 13, 2008

Cool MailChimp Customer: Tagging of Pacific Predators (TOPP)

Baby Seal2This email newsletter from Tagging of Pacific Predators (TOPP) caught my eye because it’s a nice customization of one of our built-in HTML email templates. So I contacted TOPP to learn a little more about what they do…

About TOPP:
TOPP began in 2000 as one of 17 projects of the Census of Marine Life, an ambitious 10-year, 80-nation endeavor to assess and explain the diversity and abundance of life in the oceans, and where that life has lived, is living, and will live.

They’ve really used multimedia technology to make things interesting.

Check out their interactive map, where you can watch tagged animals moving around (kinda like a Weather radar map):

tracked marine wildlife

Even as tiny little icons, I gotta say the sharks are kinda spooky how they just lurk around where all the seals seem to be.

Last year, they held "The Great Turtle Race," where they tracked a group of turtles swimming thousands of miles. My favorite excerpt from the email:

"It’s Genevieve!! She stroked 4,770 miles since she left Costa Rica 10 months ago! Bet you forgot there was even a race going on. "

On their website, they even have a turtle widget for your MySpace page or Blog:


The computer animation that explains what they do on their About Us page is pretty amazing, too:

Tracking sharks

From Jane Stevens, Editorial Director at TOPP: "At the moment, we’re doing another project: Elephant Seals Homecoming Days, in which we’re following 10 named female elephant seals back to Año Nuevo State Reserve. We’ll be documenting their arrival, when they give birth to their pups, and when the researchers remove the satellite tags from them."

I’m just amazed at all the different uses of technology on the site:

  • Interactive maps
  • Streaming Video
  • Blogs
  • Email marketing

If you’d like to follow along, sign up for TOPP email updates here.