Dec 30, 2008

Connect & Sync MailChimp to Any Application

Using the MailChimp API, you can connect and sync just about any application with your MailChimp account. And we’re not just talking about passing emails back and forth. We’re talking about every tiny little stat you could ever want. Your affiliate links. Your segments. Batch subs & unsubs. Updating member info. Interest groups. Segments. IP address and signup datestamps.

Batchbook (a cool online CRM) recently linked all of their users’ accounts with MailChimp.

We’ve seen MailChimp users create entire extranets for their clients using the API.

It’s extremely powerful, because we have an API team that’s dedicated to nothing BUT developing new features and integrations with the API. And it’s totally free. Check out the API documentation, and here’s a sea of logos from applications we’ve linked to, or created plugins for, with the API:

Note: that image is a slide from a recent presentation. The "Salesforce" integration is going live in January-ish with our v4 launch. If you’ve created an interesting integration with MailChimp’s API, or if you’ve used one of our plugins, please comment below. We want to showcase your work!