Jun 21, 2008

Compare Your Email Stats To Industry Benchmarks

Ever looked at your email open rate, and wondered "how do I compare to others in my industry?"

We just added that information to MailChimp’s email marketing reports.

Now, when you open up your email campaign’s stats, you can compare your open rate, click rate, and bounce rate to other companies in your industry (we analyzed over 170 million emails to get this information):

Click the screenshot to zoom in:

Email Marketing Benchmarks in MailChimp

The nice thing is we also show you how you compare to your own average (for that list), so you can see if your campaigns are improving or not. In the email campaign report above, my campaign got a 47.5% open rate, which is way better than the IT/Technology industry’s average open rate of 19.6%. But before I go asking my boss for a raise, I can see that my open rate actually fell from my normal average of 50.4%. Uh-oh. Maybe it was my subject line, or the day I sent my email, or the timing. Time to start optimizing!