Mar 11, 2009

Color experiments in the MailChimp Lab

color-experiment-output-croppedMore  cool stuff going on in the MailChimp Lab. The nerds are testing whether or not we can look at an image, and then automagically construct a beautiful color palette to match it. Right now, we’re just testing our algorithms and so far, things are looking promising (click the thumbnail to see graphics and corresponding color palettes). Next stop, mechanical turk.

If things go well, we might be using some of this technology in MailChimp v4.1, which is launching late this month. I’m sworn to secrecy, so I can neither confirm nor deny that this technology may or may not be used to help you make more beautiful email campaigns. If the experiment doesn’t go so well? Meh. We’ll post it in the MailChimp Lab and use it for something later. Science is dirty business, but someone’s gotta do it!