Apr 18, 2008

Chumby’s Product Launch Email

chumby-on-nightstand.pngHaven’t you always wanted an alarm clock that wakes you up and tells you the weather (and the latest Chuck Norris fact)? Chumby is a little alarm clock that connects to your wi-fi network at home, and wakes you up with whatever you want. Email, news, video, podcasts, Internet radio, flickr albums, MySpace / Twitter / Facebook alerts, and so on.

You can download widgets for your Chumby (if you know Flash, you can even create and share your own widgets).

Pretty cool. Anyway, Chumby uses MailChimp for their email marketing. They recently sent a product launch announcement, and we thought we’d showcase their design here…

We really liked this design, because it’s a nice, clean modification of one of our free HTML email templates (click to zoom in):

Chumby Screenshot

Of course we love the cuddly chumby creature logo, but we also like the white space, and the picture of the keys (to show scale). And the big green "What the heck is a chumby" is nice too, especially for when recipients forward the email to a friend.

Product Launch Email Campaigns

Before the Chumby became available, they were collecting email addresses on their website. You’ve probably signed up for one of those "tell me when this goes live" email announcements. The problem with this sort of thing is it can be a very long time before you actually email all those people on your list. And if you wait too long, you get all sorts of problems. But here’s how Chumby did it right…

  • You send the announcement in waves. Chumby had a large list of people waiting to hear about the product launch. Instead of sending one big campaign to the entire list at once, they broke it into three chunks. They sent two tiny campaigns to feel things out, and get a sense for how many bounces and unubs and "I don’t remember signing up for this" complaints they’d get. When all looked good, they sent the final list.
  • Their from name was "Chumby Industries." If you’re emailing people who may have signed up a long time ago, you better get your company name front and center to remind them who you are (so they don’t report the email as spam).
  • Their email has a very clear unsubscribe link, and they use our *|LIST:DESCRIPTION|* merge tag to insert their list’s permission reminder (reminds people how they got on your list).
  • Hey, if the product announcement is pretty exciting, this could be a viral marketing opportunity. Most people will click their email program’s "Forward" button, but a few might want to use a "Forward to a friend" form instead (because they know forwarded emails break sometimes). So Chumby used our *|FORWARD|* tag in their footer. If you use this link, we show you in your campaign stats how many times it was used (but we don’t show who used it, or who they forwarded to—that would be evil).