Mar 28, 2011

ChimpTalk: A MailChimp Podcast

Hello from the webinar team! You’ve heard us on the Getting Started and special-topic webinars. Soon, you’ll hear us on ChimpTalk, our new podcast.

ChimpTalk will cover topics related to MailChimp’s features and email marketing. In each episode, we’ll interview a MailChimp expert and answer user-submitted questions. To find out how to submit questions and when you can hear the podcast, follow us on Twitter at @MCWebinars.

We’ll kick things off with MailChimp’s deliverability engineer Brandon. He wrote this excellent Deliverability Guide for IT Professionals. If you have questions for Brandon, you can submit them here. The form will be open until Thursday, March 31, and the podcast will be available on iTunes Tuesday, April 5th.