Sep 15, 2011

Chimpified turns your Shopify store into a full-fledged, email-sending machine

Having an online store is one of those things that was completely out of reach for most people five years ago (much like email marketing!). Shopify came along and changed that with their delightful platform for selling stuffs online. Chimpified, now in it’s second iteration, bridges the gap between your Shopify store and MailChimp. Here are some of the neat things that Chimpified does:

Automatically subscribe new customers to your MailChimp list

Sync your customers to MailChimp Forget about trying to keep your lists up to date manually every time you send a campaign! Chimpified will automatically subscribe new customers to specific lists and will even add customers to a static segment that you choose. (Syncing with MailChimp Guide)

Track your campaigns’ performance using E-Commerce360

Using our awesome E-commerce360 tools, Chimpified will update information about your customers’ purchasing habits everytime an order is placed. This gives you the ability to target campaigns to customers that have bought certain items, spent a certain amount, and more!

Migrate customers from your Shopify store to specific groups, segments, etc.

Shopify gives you some cool filtering options to segment your customers, and Chimpified can take advantage of those to populate MailChimp static segments. These migrations can even be scheduled at intervals so that you don’t have to worry about remembering to migrate customers. (Migration Guide)

Create campaigns with items in your store with just a few clicks

Chimpified will build campaigns with products (or groups of products) in your store so that you can tell your customers with minimal effort. The Chimpified campaigns use MailChimp’s templating language, so you can use existing templates that they provide, or get fancy and design custom templates that match your store. (Create A Campaign To Promote A Product Guide) If you run a Shopify store and use MailChimp for your email needs, Chimpified is a great tool to bring them both together. If you’re already using Chimpified, leave us a comment and give us a glimpse of how you use it! We are really excited to see so much activity around our integrations. Check out the rest of them in our Connect Directory!