Sep 26, 2008

Chimpfeedr – Stupid-Simple RSS Mixer from MailChimp

Chimpfeedr - Stupid simple RSS mixer

Chimpfeedr - Stupid simple RSS mixer

While working on the MailChimp RSS-to-Email tool, we wanted to mash up a bunch of RSS feeds into one huge "master" feed, to test our template designs with lots of content. But we couldn’t find a "stupid-simple" RSS mixer that was easy, free, reliable, and that didn’t require registration.

We came across Yahoo! Pipes, which is amazingly powerful (check out how you can auto-translate your RSS-emails in the latest issue of MonkeyWrench). But Yahoo! Pipes is a little complex for the average blogger.

So we said "screw it, let’s just make our own and post it."

Introducing: ChimpFeedr

Just feed MailChimp a bunch of RSS URLs (you can simply type the domain of the blog, and we’ll hunt for the exact URL of the RSS feed) and then hit the "CHOMP" button. Done.

Now you’ve got a master RSS feed that you can add to your RSS reader, or send via email with MailChimp.

BTW, the underlying technology here will be worked into MailChimp shortly, so you can combine all your company’s different RSS feeds into one handy HTML email message. Look for it in an upcoming MailChimp upgrade.

RSS what? Learn more about MailChimp’s RSS-to-email tool.

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