Apr 18, 2013

Chimpadeedoo is Now Available for Android

Chimpadeedoo Android

Ever since we released Chimpadeedoo for iPad, an app that helps you collect new subscribers from your tablet, many of our customers have been waiting for an Android version. If you’re not familiar with Chimpadeedoo, it’s an easy way for store owners, bands, and people who set up shop at trade shows or festivals to build their mailing lists. We’re happy to tell you that Chimpadeedoo is now available on Google Play for Android devices (and of course, the iPad version is still available on the App Store).

Shortly after releasing Chimpadeedoo v2 for iOS, we started to see requests for an Android version in blog post comments.

"Any plans for an Android version?"

"Android, Android, Android …. and did I mention that we need an Android version?"

I hear you. Even in my sleep, I hear you (it’s creepy but true). We’ve always had plans to release an Android version, and our excitement grew when some of us attended Google I/O last year. Then a nice series of events happened: Google’s Nexus 7 was released, we hired an Android developer, and this was a great first project for him. (Say hello to Makario in the comments!) Here’s a quick tour of Chimpadeedoo for Android.

Mobile signup form


Chimpadeedoo helps you build a list in your store, at an event, or anywhere you can set up a tablet. It’s customizable and works without an internet connection. Chimpadeedoo collects email addresses and other form fields offline. You can sync it with your MailChimp account whenever you connect.

Change your form's theme, title, description, and submit button label with the designer.
Change your form’s theme, title, description, and submit button label with the designer.

In design mode, you can change your form’s title, description, and submit button label. Set a custom background image, logo, and logo position (top, left, or right) for your signup form, or choose from one of the themes that come with Chimpadeedoo. The design options make it easy for you to create a signup form that fits your brand’s look.

Theme Switcher
Theme Switcher

10 custom themes


The android version comes loaded with 10 beautiful themes from our friends at {e} house studio. Choose from themes like art, education, music, retail, and different seasons. Each one includes a background image, as well as logo and font presets. You can install Chimpadeedoo, connect it to MailChimp, and start collecting emails in just a few minutes. Who knows, you might even grow your list from 250 to 10,000 subscribers in a year.

Chimpadeedoo is available on Google Play now, and it works with any device running Android 4.0 or higher.

Get it on Google Play

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