Jul 12, 2010

Chimpadeedee – Collect emails at events and at the register from your laptop

Update: When we released Chimpadeedee, iPads were new fangled Star Trekish devices and not readily available or accessible to a lot of people or businesses. Over the last several years, more than 84 million iPads have been sold and they’ve become a household name. That being said, we’ve decided to wrap up support for Chimpadeedee and put that focus into Chimpadeedoo for iPad and Chimpadeedoo for Android tablets.


A little while ago we launched Chimpadeedoo, our first iPad app. It’s a simple way to collect email addresses at your store register, at an arts & craft fair, trade show, or any event, with an iPad. No wifi or Internet access necessary. It stores subscriptions locally, then syncs up with MailChimp whenever you’re back online.

One of the biggest requests we received after launching was to make the app available on a laptop, not just an iPad.  And since the nerds in the lab were itching for an excuse to play with Adobe AIR, we bring you Chimpadeedee. It’s the same as Chimpadeedoo, but it’ll run on your computer.

Here are some screenshots…

Click on the gears icon in the top right corner in order to access your settings:


In the iPad app, this was a hidden "hot corner" but so many people requested that we un-hide it, we decided to go ahead and do that in the AIR version.

The rest is very similar to the iPad app.

Entering some descriptive text for the form:


Locking the screen with a password, to keep those pesky teenagers out:


Choosing a theme:


Like Chimpadeedoo, Chimpadeedee is a dead-simple way to collect emails for your newsletter while you’re remote.

Ahem, we still recommend using Chimpadeedoo, at least as a reason to purchase an iPad on your company card. What? It’s a business expense!