Jun 18, 2008

Chimp Sanctuary Update

burrito.jpgA little while ago, we wrote about sponsoring a chimp over at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest. His name is Burrito, and he was previously being used to experiment with vaccines.

We just got word that Burrito is now safe and sound in the sanctuary (hooray!).

He actually sounds a lot like MailChimp. Here’s an update from the sanctuary:

"Burrito is doing great! He’s a very goofy guy and I’m learning that he likes just about any food. We made guacamole wraps for the chimpanzees the other night and Burrito was the only one who was really into them."

This is the sort of news that’s perfect for non-profit email marketing. Quick, simple updates of whatever cause you’re supporting just make you feel good.

Do constituents really need big long email newsletters detailing every little thing your organization is doing? Maybe once a quarter. Maybe the week before you ask them for donations. But sending quick, regular emails with photos of what you’re helping with is gold. Grab a digital camera, and snap some photos of dogs, girls, or rainforest trees that remind subscribers, "this is why you’re helping."