Sep 1, 2010

Celebrity Apes T-shirt

When we heard that our friends at Chopping Block were planning a "celebrity apes" t-shirt, we of course told them that they had to include Freddie, the world-famous MailChimp mascot and universally-recognized symbol of "awesome email," among all those icons:


They said no.

So then we suggested they make a limited run of those t-shirts with Freddie, just for us. That way, we could give them away to customers.



Our webinar team is giving some of these away during every session. Haven’t attended a MailChimp webinar? You should. They’re actually entertaining (no, seriously). We’ve got daily sessions for people who are getting started, and we’ve got some more advanced sessions for Facebook, WordPress, and more. If you attend a webinar, listen closely if Raul ("International Man of Mystery") is lecturing. There will be a pop-quiz at the end, and there may be prizes. :-)