Aug 3, 2006

Case Study: Less is More

Nice, quick email marketing case study from BtoBOnline and SilverPop.

Citrix systems got a return on investment 90 times the cost of the messaging. Their tactics involved keeping it simple:

  • “We didn’t get into marketing terms or use a lot of buzzwords or hype. Subject lines are very factual.” (speaking of subject lines)
  • "The call-to-action was simple: Download a white paper written by a third party that outlined Citrix and its new solution and provided case studies to demonstrate why the solution worked."
  • "Goebel kept the message’s design very clean, restricting charts and excessive graphics to the white paper, which could be downloaded from a landing page"
  • "The e-mail’s HTML-based design had very limited graphics overall, she said, and the ones she did use contained no text"