Jul 14, 2009

Campaign Opens & Clicks Over Time

In your campaign reports, you’ll notice a new chart: Opens and clicks over time.

Opens and clicks over time

Opens and clicks over time

It’s a chart that shows your campaign’s opens and clicks hour-by-hour after you sent it. For example, we sent this campaign yesterday at 5pm ET. You can see there was a spike in opens and clicks almost immediately (reminds me of this study we did waaaay back in 2006), then it tapers off and plateaus in about 3 hours. We see some blips around 4am (our subscribers across the pond, perhaps?) and then again at 8am (the people who already left work before we hit "send" yesterday).

Hmm, while we’re on the topic of open stats, we added a new stat to the campaign summary: "Clicks per unique open."


The older "click rate" stat that you’re already familiar with basically says that 7.7% of my entire recipients list clicked.

The new clicks/unique open stat tells me that of those who actually opened, 20% clicked.