Oct 19, 2007

Campaign Previews With Images Off and Vert/Horiz. Preview Panes

We just updated the MailChimp Inbox Inspector to include an additional 20 campaign preview screenshots, saving you even more time testing your email campaigns.

Now you can preview your email campaigns in different email programs like Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, Lotus Notes, etc., PLUS see them when images are turned off, PLUS see them in different preview pane configurations (vertical preview panes vs. horizontal).



Anybody can use the Inbox Inspector to test their campaigns (whether you’re a MailChimp customer or not). Sign up for it here.

Click below for some examples. You spend so much time working on an HTML email design, only to find out a tiny sliver is actually displayed (if at all).

Here’s a recent MailChimp campaign we sent to our customers. That’s how it looks in an ideal setting, with all images on, and inside your nice, big browser window.

But I used our Inbox Inspector to see what it looked like in different email programs…

Mozilla Thunderbird, vertical preview pane:
The entire right column of my newsletter (where all my press release links are) is hidden from view for recipients using the vertical preview pane setting.


Mozilla Thunderbird, horizontal preview pane:

Only a tiny little 220px sliver peeks out from the preview pane here.


AOL 9, images OFF:
My logo is entirely missing when images are turned off in AOL (which is AOL’s default setting).


Yahoo Mail, images OFF (vertical preview pane):
Here’s a full screen preview of our campaign with images turned off, and inside Yahoo’s default vertical preview pane.


The Takeaway?

Knowing how your HTML emails look in all these different configurations will help you optimize the designs of your templates. You’ve got to make sure your logos "peek" out from the preview panes (in horizontal AND vertical settings). You’ve got to use alt-text (you can put CSS on that alt-text too) on your images. The new Inbox Inspector campaign previews can save you a ton of time troubleshooting under all these conditions.

If you’d like to use our Inbox Inspector to test your email marketing campaigns, click here for more information.