Mar 31, 2005

Campaign Deliverability Event

We attended last night’s (very awesome) AiMA event about deliverability. The panelists were from Jupiter Research, ReturnPath, and CipherTrust. They shared lots of great information that we’ll post here (along with our own thoughts):

  • According to a Jupiter study, 13% of recipients just click the "This is spam" button instead of the "Unsubscribe Link" for email that they opted in for.

Better keep your emails relevant and interesting. Also, use confirmed opt-in (aka double opt-in, or verified opt-in) at all times, in case an ISP or anti-spammer attempts to take action on you based on a "this is spam" report. They offered the suggestion to make your opt-out link really big and prominent, to prevent this kind of thing from happening. We think we might experiment with placing the opt-out link up high, instead of in the footer.

  • Jupiter reports that when marketers take some time to actually segment their lists, click through rates rise dramatically. They didn’t provide specific tactics.

Try some experimenting with your lists. Seperate at-home vs. at-work, and try different offers (and send times). Segment by the old tried-and-true demographics/geographics or "preferred customers." MailChimp MERGE filters can be used for such testing.

  • 65% of marketers don’t bother to do any testing of their email campaigns.

It’s tempting to just load up one email campaign, load your customer list, and click "send." But email marketing provides so much more opportunity for tracking your results (and almost instantly). Break that list up and run A/B splits. Experiment! MailChimp makes this super easy and cost efficient, too.

  • Handle transactional emails (registration information, email receipts, etc) in-house, from your own corporate web server, but outsource your marketing email. That way, your company’s IP address is not blacklisted if your marketing campaign gets reported as spam by a lot of recipients

Good advice, but we think you should still treat the outsourced server’s IP address like it was your own—because it’s your brand (and reputation) on the line with your marketing. Also, don’t be tempted to insert sales material into transactional emails. Be strong. Keep them seperated.

Thanks to the AiMA folks for holding the event. If you’re in the Atlanta area, be sure to check out their next event on campaign analytics.