Jul 7, 2008

Buy ‘n’ Large Privacy Policy

Buy n LargeKevin from Pivot+Levy sends me this link to the Buy n Large privacy policy. Key points:

  • By visiting the Buy n Large website you become a registered member of the Buy n Large Database. You may not unsubscribe to this database at any time.
  • Buy n Large will share your personal information with third parties whenever it deems such sharing to be advantageous to it, including when you engage in certain activities on our site such as using a menu, viewing, clicking your mouse or breathing.
  • By visiting Buy n Large you are contractually obligated to read all email that is sent to you via the Buy n Large servers. Failure to do so will be considered a breach of contract.

Buy n Large is a fictional company from Disney’s WALL-E movie. But as you read through their privacy policy, do you ever get the feeling that this is exactly what most companies’ privacy polices say anyway, with all the BS filtered out?

Anyway, love the fake corporate site. Would have been fun to be part of the web-dev team who created it. They’ve even got fake banner ads pointing to fake prescription drugs with fake brochures and fake side effects.