Jan 13, 2016

Building on 2015’s Success With Automation, List Management, Multivariate Testing, and More


Another holiday season has come and gone, and that, of course, can mean only one thing: it’s time to stop surfing the internet with your friends and watching videos of people falling off of their brand new hoverboards. Frankly, it’s kind of a bummer. Take a moment of silence and we’ll meet up with you in the next paragraph.

Okay! Phew. Here’s the thing, though: it’s the perfect time to start thinking about resolutions, fresh starts, and new beginnings. (And maybe make a content calendar, while you’re at it.) For e-commerce marketers and small business owners, a new year provides the perfect backdrop for reflecting back on the past 365 days and thinking about what worked, what didn’t, and how you can build on everything you’ve achieved in the past year. We have a few suggestions:

Make the most of your new customers

The holidays are a busy—if not the busiest—time of the year. Now that you’ve had a moment to catch your breath, you can focus on building a relationship with all the new customers you met during the holidays. It’s important to make that first impression count.

  • Get automated: MailChimp’s automation workflows are incredibly versatile, offering both pre-built and customizable recipes that you can use for, well, just about anything. Consider, for example, building a workflow to target your new customers based on the date they were added to your list or a particular purchase they’ve made. You can thank them for their purchase, provide tips and care instructions for their new products, or offer coupons to encourage them to do business with you again in the future.
  • Grow your list in new ways: Capitalize on the increased traffic to your online shop or website by turning your new customers into active, engaged subscribers. Try adding a pop-up form to your website to encourage new signups or explore our Integrations Directory for e-commerce tools that can integrate with your online store and automatically add customers to your MailChimp list. If your business has a physical location, consider installing MailChimp Subscribe on a tablet so customers can quickly and easily join your mailing list.

Collect and utilize your data

Your MailChimp account includes a lot of valuable reporting and tracking data. And with every purchase made and email sent, there’s potential to learn even more about the interests, preferences, and tendencies of your customers. 

  • Connect your store to MailChimp: The needs and expectations of consumers have evolved quite dramatically over the past decade. For many, shopping online has almost entirely replaced the "traditional" methods of procuring…stuff. With our eCommerce360 and Google Analytics integrations, you’ll be able to follow your customers every step of the way, from clickthroughs to conversions and just about everything in between. All of that information gets passed back to your MailChimp account so you can review it in just a few clicks. 
  • Analyze your reports: Take some time to review the performance of the campaigns you’ve sent over the past several months. You’ll gain some valuable insight into the engagement habits of your customers. Plus, it’s easy to share these reports with your whole team so you can discuss the results and reference them as you develop a strategy for the new year.
  • Dig deeper, while you’re at it: If you’re a MailChimp Pro customer, this is also a good time to create segments inside your reports to identify engagement patterns from the holiday season, a particular fiscal quarter, or even the entirety of 2015. Did a particular email design or featured product perform better than the others? Did your engagement levels fluctuate throughout the year? Is there one portion of your audience (a specific gender, age range, location, etc) that had higher engagement levels than the others? Comparative Reports have the answers. And if you’re not a MailChimp Pro user, now might be a good time to consider your options.

Try something new

It’s easy to settle into a pattern when you find something that works. But a strategy that worked with your customers yesterday might not be as effective today. Here are a couple ways to shake it up.

  • Use A/B or Multivariate Testing: Wondering how changing things up might resonate with your customers?  These are the tools you need to get the job done. Test out different email designs on a portion of your customers, explore different placement or methods of calls to action within your campaign, or try sending your campaign at different times or on different days to see how your audience responds.
  • Experiment with segmentation: Targeting your customers with timely, relevant campaigns is one of the best ways to keep interest levels and engagement rates high. This year, try segmenting your list in different ways and sending specialized, targeted content to specific collections of subscribers. If you’ve always wanted to send an email to every woman between the ages of 20 and 30 who lives in Maine and has purchased a particular green sweater from your online store, this is your chance. Or, take things a step further and use MailChimp Pro’s Advanced Segmentation features to create complex segments with as many conditions as you need, allowing you to target your customers with more precision than ever before.